Passive income


Puthiya Vaaipukal
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Register now, send money google pay no. 90 80 88 91 41, Rs.100 + Rs.30 courier charge total = Rs.130 Send transaction id to email, otherwise cannot login in your account, once payment is confirm you will become a customer then you get a customer id, referral link. Now login in your account, start now your autofilling earnings

Autofilling income

Just 100 rupees change your life style so don’t miss this golden opportunity You shall get a product worth Rs.100, then you will get the all income is your profit. So use the opportunity immediately. 5 levels autofilling income, each level 2% income. Referral income Rs.10 extra.


Every week increase your income slowly, than you will get Rs.15,000 per month. This is ceiling amount in our company. this ceiling is only autofilling income, referal income is unlimited. Weekly auto redeem, minimum Rs.10. register your google pay will get your redeem through google pay...


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